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Sekhem Reiki Level 1 and 2

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The word SEKHEM translates to Powerful, Sekhem reiki means powerful light force energy. Light force energy is pure non polarised energy, it has its own intelligence and therefore is able to balance and harmonise the human body back to health. What is so powerful with the Sekhem energy is that there is no hands-on healing. It is simply drawing and placing of the symbols, over the body with an intention. The practitioner holds the space and the energy does all of the work. This amazing healing modalities dates back to the antient Egyptian times. There is Hieroglyphs and many antient artifacts in the Egyptian temples to validate this. The healing energy is overseen by the Goddess Sekhmet and her team of healing masters, goddess, priestess, gods and priests. Ra the Sun God, assists Sekhmet in balancing the male and female aspects of the Sekhem. There are many Egyptian divinities that take part with this healing modality as it awakens a whole world within you. If you feel the calling to work with this energy, it is time for you to align with your soul and its callings. The energy takes on a magical feminine energy that reaches and speaks directly to the soul, clearing at this soul level, creates a wave of energy to transcend all through time and space. Sekhem unravels the kundalini serpent and allows the serpent to clear history for the soul. This is a very powerful and life changing healing for both the practitioner and the client involved. As the energy clears the soul it will purify the energies within the physical body. It will create a chain reaction to all those connected to you and your clients, clearing outdate karma and contracts. Sekmet and her divine healing team are eagerly awaiting your attutement to this sacred energy. Working with you to release what does not serve humanity, assisting you to fulfill your potential. Allow yourself to immersed into the powerful energy and enjoy the new journey that awaits.

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