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About Selena

Selena Hill is a Intuitive Life Coach, who has been giving messages, direction and energenic healings from spirit for over 20 years.


Selena's unique mission is to help, one to devolp core skills and understanding, to aid in healing and growth. While moving in the direction of their own life pursose.


Whether you are seeking direction, health, love or wealth. Selena's direct channel from source has helped her develop her unique skills to aid you in your growth and healing.  Giving you the tools you need to change your life.  


Selena is an author of the book;

Do I have a Guardian Angel ? 


This is what people are saying



“I cried from the beginning to end. It really resonates with me.” Nicole



“I have found a piece of family jewelry that had been lost for years, with the methods in the book I found it. 
Thank you, I have no doubt it was the angels help.” Debbie



“I wish I knew this stuff years ago, I feel so much more peace since reading your book.” Anonymous

This book saved my life, just after reading it. I had a heart attack and the angels brought me the people to help. I now use these techniques daily.




I have known Selena for a few years now, and am still amazed on how she just knows? For people who do not believe? Have a reading or healing it will blow you away, how does she know these things about you, and what happened to you years ago? My very first healing Selena told me, that I had to forgive myself for what I tried to do back at the Army Camp in NZ when I was just 19 years old (Yes I tried to commit suicide) How did Selena know this? How did she know about the Army Camp? How did she know how old I was? I had not told anyone in Australia about this awful life event, and I have been here for 35 years. Selena has a wonderful connection to Spirit, and after having quite a few healings, and readings from Selena with her help and guidance, I now have a wonderful connection to spirit myself. About 2 months ago, I went back to Selena for another magical healing, and after the healing Selena told me not to worry that I would be alright? Why I asked? Selena told me that in 6 weeks’ time, I would be very sad, and 2 weeks ago my very much loved little Dog of 13 years passed. I wanted to share only a little information of my journey knowing Selena, and hope it helps others? 
Ann - QLD


Thanks Selena after 5 years of being on IVF treatment to fall pregnant. After your reading we had only two Healings, I was pregnant! You were the answer to my prayers Thank you.

Melissa - Beaudesert 

Healing From Stage 3 ‘Terminal’ and so termed ‘Aggressive’ Breast Cancer

I have been so blessed to be able to have regular energy healings with Selena Hill. I began seeing Selena for energy healing just months after receiving a terminal breast cancer diagnosis. When I began seeing Selena my body was very unwell and poisoned by chemical toxins from conventional cancer drugs. For me, these drugs made me very unwell and my quality of life was affected greatly. In addition, the side effects made me so depressed I regularly felt suicidal. I believe that it was the drugs, not the cancer that was going to lead to my death. This was a grim and terrifying situation as my son was aged 8 at the time.

Seeing Selena was a game changer. This was the best decision I made for myself and my health. I am so grateful that she was able to help me. Selena was able to work with me to clear what was necessary from my body in a gentle and caring way to bring my health back to balance. Since the body is connected to mind and spirit, healing also needed to take place in these areas. People dealing with cancer as I was, are often unaware of the healing that needs to take place emotionally and spiritually. Cancer is often seen as a disease of the body only. (Research is now showing that people who have been able to heal from even end stage cancer, have addressed emotional and spiritual dis-ease within their bodies.) Energetic healing which Selena uses can help healing in these areas quickly and easily.

I am so grateful that I have received healings from Selena Hill. The difference this has made in my life is beyond measure. Selena is a gifted, talented, but above all compassionate psychic medium. She genuinely cares about her clients and the work she does. She is authentic and gives generously of her time. She is highly respected and so good at what she does.

Thank you Selena for being there for me at all the times I have needed your support and guidance. I am truly blessed.

Adele - QLD

I have been doing healing with Selena for quite some time! I live 600km away so It has always been healing by distance! A few weeks ago I was having a particularly rough time after being away overseas. I became "ill" !! I was staying in bed with a vaporiser & airconditioner going for most of the day! The minute I walked outside my chest was tightening up. I felt weak, I was had bad reflux and was taking medication for this every few hours. I was having asthma that I was taking prednisone, steroid puffer & ventolin for every few hours. I was convinced that something was seriously wrong!! Eventually, I messaged Selena and we arranged a healing session! She told me afterwards there was so much "bad energy" "stuck" (a simple explanation for a complex issue). After the healing, I packed up the vaporiser, stopped taking ALL medications, went outside and followed her advice!! I have had a couple more healing sessions and I join the Wednesday night group healings. However, ever since, I have not needed ANY medication! I can't thank Selena enough and to the Universe for guiding me to her!


Julia Cook





Selena Hill - Psychic Medium, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Spiritual Coach, meditation facilitator


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