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Meet Selena Hill

As a psychic medium, health and wellness coach, and reiki usui/sekhem master, I am dedicated to guiding individuals towards holistic well-being and spiritual growth. My approach combines ancient healing practices with modern wellness techniques to empower you on your unique journey.

"Embrace the interconnectedness
of mind, body, and spirit"

Selena Hill

Services Offered

Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands

Personalised Coaching Sessions

Embark on a journey of peace and clarity with Spiritual Mentoring or Coaching by Selena Hill. Through connection with your higher self, angelic team, and guides, Selena will provide you with personalised tools to bring alignment to your goals, whether they're related to health, relationships, joy, business, or spiritual gifts. Each session is uniquely tailored to your highest and best interest, guiding you towards a path of fulfillment and harmony.

Psychic Reading 15 mins

Connect directly with your divine team or with your loved ones who have passed on in a 15-minute reading with me, Selena Hill. Get the answers you're seeking and receive messages of love and guidance through this special spiritual medium service.

1-1 Signature program

Experience holistic healing and wellness with my signature 3-month program, you'll receive unparalleled guidance and support on your path. Drawing from years of spiritual training and experience, Selena offers a clear and direct channel with Spirit, providing you with insight and foresight into your journey.  Whether you're dealing with health issues such as immune disorders, mental health challenges, pregnancy-related concerns, or every thing in between. I provide personalised mentoring to support you, let's work together to raise your vibration and embark on this amazing spiritual adventure.

Client Stories

Thanks Selena after 5 years of being on IVF treatment to fall pregnant. After your reading we had only two Healings, I was pregnant! You were the answer to my prayers Thank you.


I have been doing healing with Selena for quite some time! I live 600km away so It has always been healing by distance!  I Have followed her advice!!  I join the Wednesday night group healings. However, ever since, I have not needed ANY medication! I can't thank Selena enough and to the Universe for guiding me to her!

Julia Cook

Working with Selena has been a profound experience. Her energy work has brought about positive shifts in my life. I was unable to leave my house and now I go out everyday.

Carol White

Connect with Selena

Message Received!

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